Where is our Head Office?

Our head office and factory are located in Tatsuno-Shi (Hyogo-Ken), and we ship our canned motor pumps from here to the rest of Japan as well as throughout the globe.

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Ofiice & Plants

What is the history of TEIKOKU?

The history of TEIKOKU ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD. originates in 1939, when two engineers in Osaka began to manufacture and sell railway signals. And, since then, we have always been oriented towards producing products with the aim of fusing people and technology, epitomized by our development in 1947 of an electric vehicle that was revolutionary for its time.

Then, in 1960, we succeeded in using our own proprietary technology to develop a canned motor pump, which has become our main product today.

  • Railway signal
  • Teikoku Electric Car
  • The first “TEIKOKU Motor Pump”
  • Present day canned motor pump

We have also boldly expanded our global strategy, such as targeting the world’s largest chemical industry of North America by establishing Teikoku USA Inc., our first overseas subsidiary, in 1991. Then, in 1994, we established Dalian Teikoku Canned Motor Pump Co., Ltd., in Dalian, China, and presently have offices in seven countries overseas (the U.S.A., China, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, South Korea and India).

Furthermore, in addition to our pump business, which boasts the completely leak-free canned motor pump as its main product, and our electronic component business, which provides automotive electrical components like control units as well as substrates for industrial equipment like sequencer substrates as its main products, we are currently active in developing other businesses, such as special equipment like elevators, and health foods, and we are working aggressively to continually spread into new fields as TEIKOKU group.

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TEIKOKU Group Network

What kind of company is TEIKOKU?

"We want all our products to be of high quality.” “We always want to realize the latest in high performance."

With these thoughts in mind, in line with our high development and technological capabilities, TEIKOKU has constructed a design and production system that can respond to all of the diverse needs of our customers.
Since our inception, we have produced a wide assortment of products based on our approach as an R&D-oriented style of company toward developing products through the effective use of our proprietary technology.
Then, in order to manufacture products that can respond quickly and accurately to customer demands, we have established a full built-to-order manufacturing system that can be specifically tailored to each customer request, from the selection of the material to the design of the actual unit. This complete, made-to-order production in accordance with individual usage environments, the liquid used, and conditions like temperature, pressure, flow rate, and lifting height, etc., has resulted strong relationships of trust with our customers.

The highest level of quality is also demanded from our canned motor pumps so that there is absolutely no external leakage of the liquid they carry, and can thus be used even for hazardous and expensive liquids.
At TEIKOKU, under the strict in-house inspection that we perform after the manufacturing process, as well as our overall strict quality control, only those items that clear our quality standards are considered TEIKOKU “products” and offered to our customers.

TEIKOKU is a technology-intensive corporation that offers security and reliability to our customers