Code of Conduct

TEIKOKU Group Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance
    We comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and business norms as well as all TEIKOKU group rules and regulations, and will act with good judgment rooted in a sense of responsibility as a member of society.
  2. Contribution to Society
    We value the inherent relationship of mutual trust with all of our stakeholders such as customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees and the local communities affected by our business and products, and pledge to contribute to stakeholder development.
  3. Relationship with International Society
    We comply with all local laws and respect the culture and customs of all markets in which we do business, and constantly endeavor to cooperate with international society, and pledge to contribute to its development.
  4. Protection of Global Environment
    We actively promote energy savings and renewal and recycling in order to reduce society's burden on the environment and, through our corporate activity, aim to be a company centered on eco-friendly interactions and relationships with all human beings for their betterment and that of the earth's resources.
  5. Depth of Corporate Ethics
    We draw a distinct line between public and private affairs, and behave consciously and proactively as a good corporate citizen. In addition, we maintain healthy and supportive relationships with political or governmental administration, and take a firm stand against antisocial forces and organizations.
  6. Respect of Employees' Human Rights
    We respect human rights and do not permit sexual harassment and any discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, or gender, and endeavor to create a cheerful, supportive and comfortable working environment that encourages each employee to develop and utilize their skills ability in the conduct of our business.
  7. Integrating Safety in all Products
    In all work in which we are engaged, we strive to design and manufacture safety into our products aiming to provide highly safe products with a high level of quality.
  8. Customer Satisfaction
    We strive for best in class customer satisfaction and continuously work to a set of goals to provide the highest quality and delivery of products and services in the best interest of our customers.
  9. Management of Information
    We strive continuously to enhance and maintain internal controls and security that serve to prevent confidential company information from reaching the public domain. In addition, we handle personal information with appropriate levels of confidentiality that serve to prevent the use of such information for purposes other than originally intended.