Procurement Information

Purchasing Policy and Philosophy

  1. Cooperation and competition
    In order for us to provide high-level products that meet customer needs, it is necessary that each material and part that is delivered to us is of the appropriate quality and is highly competitive in its pricing.
  2. Carry out procurement activities with a spirit of mutual trust
    TEIKOKU obeys related laws, regulations and rules, aims at open, fair and impartial purchasing, and values our relationship of trust with our suppliers.
  3. Green purchasing
    As a part of manufacturing products that are in harmony with a bountiful environment, TEIKOKU promotes the procurement of raw materials, main materials, parts, products and secondary materials that present a small environmental burden as we strive to preserve the environment.

Purchasing List

Motors General-purpose motors, special motors, explosion-proof motors (IEC compliant)
Castings & forgings Stainless steel, FC, SS, special materials
Machine work Various machining, various presswork, various welding structure products (including pressure vessels), canned product design and manufacture, ATEX explosion-proof products, large frame welding (including machining)
Material Stainless steel, SS, special, electric wire, insulating paper
Sliding material Slide bearings (carbon, Teflon, ceramic, carbide, etc.), shaft sleeves, thrust collars (surface hardening treatment components such as thermal spraying)
Sealing material Gaskets (spiral, sheet), O-rings, mechanical seals
Component parts Keys and bolts
Packing material Wooden boxes, cardboard, various packing materials
Various devices Pressure gauges, pressure switches, liquid level gauges, water level gauges, various valves
Various tools Cutting tools, work tools


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