Standard Design

Type FV Standard Design

Chemical service pumps for a wide range of non-slurry liquid. Available in 304 SS, 316 SS and other high alloys. Available with optional heating or cooling jackets for both motor and pump. Available with Explosion Proof motors.

Type FV Standard Design
Flow rate max 3,430 gpm 13 m³ / min
TDH max 530 ft 160 m
Output max 295 HP 220 kW

Type F-M Multistage Pump

Barrel type casing, low flow, high TDH for general CPI applications, reverse osmosis in electronics, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing. All canned pump features like extremely low noise and high reliability are maintained.

Flow rate max 450 gpm 2.5 m³ / min
TDH max 1,810 ft 550 m
Output max 295 HP 220 kW