Type R Reverse Circulation

Type R Reverse Circulation

Self venting and low NPSHr for volatile liquids, liquified gases and refrigerants such as Ammonia and synthetic fluro and chloro hydro carbons.
Available both in horizontal and vertical designs. Extreme low temperature to high temperature services.

Type R Reverse Circulation
Flow rate max 3,430 gpm 13 m³ / min
TDH max 530 ft 160 m
Output max 295 HP 220 kW

Vertical Inline Pump RW, RV

Vertical reverse circulation models RW and RV are designed for high vapor pressure, volatile hydrocarbons. Vertical configuration and reverse circulation offers easier venting and assures stable long life operation in systems with low NPSH available. Canned motor pump design eliminates seal maintenance and associated down time.

たて形インラインポンプ(RW & RV形)
Flow rate max 1,849 gpm 7 m³ / min
TDH max 524 ft 160 m
Output max 161 HP 120 kW

Type R-M Multistage Pump

Flow rate max 450 gpm 2.5m³ / min
TDH max 1,810 ft 550m
Output max 295 HP 220kW