Type K Jacketed Motor-Pump

Type K Jacketed Motor-Pump Type K-S

This series are developed to cater for liquids with nature of high-melting point.
Type K is jacketed and suitable for liquids with relatively low melting point such as Oleic acid, Fatty acid, Acetic acid, Amines, Phenol, Maleic anhydride, Caustic soda, p-Xylene, etc.
Type K-S is heavily jacketed for liquids with relatively high melting point such as Maleic acid, Bisphenol, Caprolactam, Phtalic Anhydride Phtalic acid and Naphtalene.

Flow rate max 2,642 gpm 10 m³ / min
TDH max 328 ft 100 m
Output max 215 HP 160 kW