Originating in the English term “canned (goods)”, as the name indicates, a canned motor pump employs a structure in which the pump and motor are integrated and the liquid being handled is sealed in. One feature of that structure is that it results in a pump that is completely leak-free, making it applicable for transporting liquids that are explosive, flammable or toxic, as well as chemicals like strong acids or strong alkalis. Also characteristic is its excellent durability in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Image video of canned motor pump transporting liquid

This video shows how liquid flows inside a canned motor pump.

The difference between a standard pump and a canned motor pump

Standard pumps are produced with the pump and motor located separately and, because they must be coupled for use, the liquid they handle can leak outside the pump from the gaps in the casing through which the rotating axis passes. However, because our canned motor pumps employ a structure in which the pump and motor are integrated and the liquid they transport is sealed inside, it is characterized by being completely leak-free.

Standard Pump   Canned Motor Pump
Standard Pump   Canned Motor Pump
Leaks from the shaft seal.   The structure in which the pump and motor are integrated and the liquid being handled is sealed in makes it leak-free.

The excellent features of a canned motor pump

1 Completely leak-free

Since there is no possibility of the pumped liquid leaking out, these pumps are suitable for handling liquid that is harmful to humans, explosive or flammable liquid, expensive liquid, corrosive liquid, etc.
2 No contact with open air

Since no outside air enters the pump, they are suitable for operation in a vacuum, or for handling liquids whose quality changes when exposed to the outside air.
3 Compatible with a wide range of pressures and temperatures

No shaft seal means it is easy to manufacture pumps that can handle systems with high pressure, high-temperature liquids, low-temperature liquids, high melting point liquids, and more.
4 No lubrication needed

Because these pumps do not require lubrication oil, there is no contamination of the transported fluid, and the hassles of adding oil is unnecessary.
5 Compact, lightweight, and space-saving

Since the motor shaft also serves as the pump shaft, the design is compact, lightweight, requires minimal installation space, and is easy to overhaul.
6 Quiet operation

Operation noise is minimized because there is no fan to cool the motor.

Canned motor pumps are friendly to both people and the global environment