Environmental Policy

<Basic Philosophy>
This place of business recognizes that the protection of the global environment in our business activities is one of the most important issues common to humankind, and we will contribute to society through environmentally-friendly production activities.

<Basic Policy>
This place of business will contribute to society as an establishment that manufactures canned motor pumps, stirrers, metering pumps, etc. We will also continue to be a place of business that is in harmony with a bountiful environment, and that is trusted by residents, customers, employees, administration, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders, by continuously improving our impact on the environment in all of our business activities.

And, in order to accomplish that, :

  1. we will investigate and evaluate that impact on the environment, and determine the environmental objectives that need to be achieved, within a range that is technically and economically feasible, in order to effectively reduce the main factors of that impact.
  2. we will develop a plan to achieve that, implement it, evaluate and review the results. We will also construct an environmental management system that leads to subsequent improvement objectives. The appropriate pollution prevention shall be included within that.
  3. we will not only obey laws and regulations, rules, ordinances, conventions and other agreements concerning the environment, but will voluntarily establish our own environmental management standards in order to further promote conservation of the environment.
  4. we will implement the education and training that is required for employees, and nurture human resources who possess a high awareness of environmental conservation and who can take the necessary action.
  5. we will promote the greening activities of our business premises as well as beautification activities through the "5S".
  6. we will aggressively promote the following:
    (1)Save and recycle resources
    (2)Develop environmentally conscious products
    (3)Promote green purchasing

※ 5S stands for Seiri (orderliness), Seiton (neatness & tidiness), Seiso (cleaning), Seiketsu (cleanliness), and Shitsuke (good manner).

April 1, 2017
Kunio Miyaji, President