Procurement Information

TEIKOKU is seeking suppliers who are interested in supporting our commitment to manufacture environmentally safe products.

Basic Procurement Policy


We request suppliers to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and rules in all countries.
We request suppliers to establish a healthy relationship with government, authorities and avoid relationship with antisocial forces.
Please avoid using raw materials that could cause social problems such as human rights and environmental issues, (Conflict minerals produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo etc.).

Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery

We request suppliers to have proper quality and competitive pricing to support the required high quality of products to meet customer expectations.
We request our suppliers to cooperate with us by ensuring stable on-time delivery, as well as continuously maintaining and improving quality.

Human Rights, Occupational Health, and Safety

We request suppliers to respect human rights and ensure a safe and pleasant working environment, not engaging in forced labor and discrimination based on nationality, gender etc.

Information management

We request suppliers to strictly keep confidential corporation and personal information and prevent obtaining, using, disclosing, and leaking such information illegally.

Environmental conservation

As part of our efforts to manufacture products in harmony with the environment, we request suppliers to supply life cycle-conscious materials, parts, products and consumables that have a low environmental impact and promote environmental protection activities such as energy saving and recycling to reduce the environmental impact of your products.

Green procurement

We may request suppliers to submit Safety Data Sheet (SDS)depending on the product.
We may request suppliers to disclose information if the product contains chemical substances that are prohibited by Chemical Management Policy, Industrial Safety and Health Act, RoHS Directive, REACH Regulations etc. and substances of very high concern (SVHC). We appreciate your cooperation in such cases.

Purchasing List

Motor versatile motors, special motors, ex-proof motors
Casting/Forging stainless, FC, SS, special materials(Ni high alloy, Ti etc.), aluminium

various machinig, pressing, welded structure(including pressure vessels), canned product design and manufacture
IECEx Ex-proof parts, ATEX Ex-proof parts, large frame welding( including machining), casting cutting


stainless, iron, special materials(Ni high alloy, Ti etc.), insulator, electric wire(magnetic wire, cable etc.)

Sliding materials

bearings(carbon, teflon, ceramic, carbide etc.), shaft sleeves, thrust collars

Sealing material gaskets(spiral, seat), o-rings, mechinical seals
Component parts bolts, joints, keys
Packing material crates, cardboard, various packing materials
Various devices pressure gauges, pressure switches, liquid level gauges, thermometers
various valves(ball valve, gate valve, instrument valve)
Instrumentation Instrumentation, substrates
Various tools cutting tools, working tools

Requirement Items

Please check the current requirement status here. You can apply for the available procurement items by calling or inquiey form.
casting/forging Stainless casing, impeller, housing domestic produce
materials Stainless domestic produce, applicable for EN10204 Type.3.1
Special materials Ni alloy, titanium -
machining machining casing, impeller, housing -
casting cutting including casting repaire
IECEx ex-proof parts cable glands, bushing -
can casing, impeller, housing -
Instrumentation instrumentation pressure gauge, thermometer, liquid level gauge multi-item, small lot, short delivery time
substrate/design/manufacturing circuit design, printed circuit board mounting,

New Transaction Acceptance

Supplier Evaluation Criteria

As we build partnerships with suppliers, we emphasize the following items under the Basic Procurement Policy.

  1. Fair Pricing
    • Having an excellent competitive price
    • Making proposals actively for price reduction
  2. Superior quality
    • Having appropriate quality based on superior technology to meet customer quality expectations.
  3. Stable supply and Punctual delivery date
    • Ability to meet delivery dates
    • Providing a continuous and stable supply
    • Responding quickly and flexibly in an emergency situation.

Procedure to start transaction

Procedure to start transaction
We are looking for superior suppliers and would welcome your suggestion and introduction.


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