Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

TEIKOKU ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD. recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in today's advanced information and communication society, and we strive to protect all personal information based on the following policies.

  1. Acquisition of personal information
    We will obtain personal information through fair and lawful means.
  2. Purpose of personal information
    We will use personal information only within the scope of the purpose for which we received consent when that personal information was obtained and to the extent required for the performance of that business.
  3. Provision of personal information to third parties
    We will not, except in cases specified under the law, provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the advance consent of the person to whom that information applies.
  4. Compliance and review of laws, regulations and norms
    We will comply with laws and regulations, and with national guidelines and other norms regarding the protection of personal information.
  5. Safety measures for personal information
    We will, for the sake of the accuracy and safety of personal information, exert all efforts to prevent the falsification, leakage and loss, etc., of personal information by taking the appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses, etc.
  6. Inquiries regarding personal information
    We will respond without delay when requested to disclose, correct, delete, or stop using personal information, or when a complaint or inquiry for consultation, etc. is received, from the person to whom that information applies. We will also strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date.

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

To contact us using the form for inquires regarding our handling personal information, please click this button.