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The shareholder and investor information posted on this website is for the purpose of providing financial and management information related to TEIKOKU ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD., but no declarations or guarantees are made or implied in regard to that content.

Among the information posted on this website, all content other than historical facts are forward-looking statements about us derived from determinations made by management that have been based on currently available information, and it includes risks and other unpredictable factors related to economic and industry trends, market demands, the monetary exchange rate, tax and regulatory systems, etc. Therefore, actual results, etc., that are posted in the future may differ due to those various elements, and we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by anyone's use of the information that is on this site. We also assume no obligation to publicly update or revise, based on new information or future events, any forward-looking statement that has been posted on this site.

The utmost care is taken to ensure accuracy when posting information on this website, but we bear no responsibility, regardless of the reason, for any problem that results from any error in the posted information, from the hacking of data by a third party, or from downloading the data herein, etc.

Furthermore, the posting of information on this site is not for the purpose of soliciting investment. Potential investors should refrain from relying solely on the information provided here when making investment decisions and should make such decisions based on their own independent judgment.