Business Lines

In addition to our pump and electronic component businesses, TEIKOKU group is working aggressively to expand into such areas as that of special equipment and health food, and we are always looking to develop new fields.


Teikoku Canned Motor Pumps are active in various fields.

Our completely leak-tight "canned motor pump" has served us well as the main product in the group's core pump business. Because canned motor pumps employ a structure in which the pump and motor are integrated and the liquid being handled is sealed in, it boasts the feature of being completely leak-free. Due to that structural characteristic, our canned motor pumps are in operation in a variety of fields, especially in petrochemical plants where flammable liquid and liquids that would be hazardous if leaked are handled, but are also used in the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, and at nuclear power plants, and electrical substations. They are also adopted in all JR Shinkansen bullet trains. In chemical plants that use a large quantity of hazardous liquids, being completely leak-free is an absolute requirement so as to prevent any chance of external outflow, and they demand stable operation and the durability to withstand long-term operation. In addition, since the conditions used in each of these applications spans such a wide and complex range, design that suits the environment in which each product is to be used is also required. TEIKOKU possesses the proprietary technological capabilities to design and manufacture not only the pump unit but the motor unit as well, and we have built strong relationships of trust with our customers due to our design and production system that can respond to any and all of the specifications they require.

Representative products

Electronic Components

TEIKOKU technology is active even in the convenient features that support comfortable living.

As our core products in the field of electronic components, TEIKOKU provides automotive electrical components like control units as well as substrates for industrial equipment like sequencer substrates. This includes, for example, such automotive electronics as those used in the rapidly expanding ETC (electronic toll collection) systems, keyless entry, and electric power steering, as well as substrates for the sequencers that are used in the control of various industrial equipment. And, as globalization progresses, we also maintain our competitive advantage by producing high quality products at low cost, and thus continue to provide the products that will satisfy our customers.

Representative products

Automotive electrical components

Automotive electrical components

We manufacture automotive electronics products for applications like ETC, keyless entry, and electric power steering.

Industrial equipment substrates

Industrial equipment substrates

We manufacture various products like the sequencer substrates that are used to control various industrial equipment.

Special Equipment

As an R&D-oriented company, TEIKOKU produces a wide range of products.

In addition to the "pump business" and "electronic components business," TEIKOKU continues to develop other businesses, such as motors used in wave reduction equipments for small cruisers and leisure boats. Since our inception, we have produced a wide assortment of products based on our approach as an R&D-oriented style of company toward developing products through the effective use of our proprietary technology.