Support & Service

TEIKOKU offers quick and reliable after-sales service so that the products you purchase will perform at their optimal level for the selected application.

After-Sales Policy

  1. TEIKOKU strives to maintain and improve the stability and safety of all our operating equipment.
  2. TEIKOKU will strive to offer a stable supply of consumable parts for all our operating equipment.

Maintenance Service

On-site repair

Service personnel are dispatched to your plant to carry out inspection, maintenance, and repair of our operating equipment.
Note: If intensive and major repair is necessitated, the equipment will need to be shipped to the factory to complete the repair.

In-house repair

We perform inspection, maintenance, restoration, and repair of your operating equipment at our factory.

Supply of spare parts

You can order necessary spare parts to maintain and repair your equipment in good operating condition.
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  • parts_image

Useful preventative maintenance device for predicting the bearing replacement time; TRG meter.

TRG (Teikoku Rotary Guardian) displays the real-time bearing wear state in the radial direction of the CMP bearings.
TRG makes it possible to monitor the bearing wear state constantly without disassembling and inspecting the bearings, helping schedule the maintenance, inspection, and overhauling the CMP before mechanical damages occur. TRG has become TEIKOKU’s signature protection device in Teikoku canned motor pumps through its outstanding field service over 50 years.
  • GREEN: Safe. Continuous operation.

    GREEN: Safe. Continuous operation.

  • YELLOW: Warning! Replace bearing.

    YELLOW: Warning! Replace bearing.

  • RED: Danger! Stop operation and inspect and overhaul the product.

    RED: Danger! Stop operation and inspect and overhaul the product.

Before contact us

We maintain a database of our products that contain detailed specifications, equipment modification history etc., and track equipment using unique serial numbers. When you have any inquiries about your product, to speed up response, please provide the number written on the upper right corner of the data sheet or the serial number on the nameplate mounted on the terminal box.
  • Nameplate example

    Nameplate example

  • Data sheet example

    Data sheet example

Support Contact

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