API685 Compliant Canned Motor Pump

API685 Compliant Canned Motor Pump

This canned motor complies with API 685, a strict safety standard in the oil&gas and petrochemical fields.
Suitable for pumping high temperature, high pressure hydrocarbons mainly in petroleum refining processes.

Chemical , Others
Petroleum refining, etc


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■ This centerline-supported canned motor pump for high temperature and pressure complies with the international standard API 685.

The pump casing is centerline supported and provides additional safety and reliability against thermal stress.

※About API 685

API is the American Petroleum Institute's standard for "seal-less centrifugal pumps for the petroleum, petrochemical, and gas industries". Canned motor pumps are included in the API 685 standard.

API685 2nd Requirements ExamplesNumber
1.Heat Exchanger Level Sensor Annex E.LE1
2.Radial and Axial Rotor Position Monitor(TRG or THG)
3.Vibration monitoring sensors Annex E.VE
4.Stator Winding temperature RTD Annex E.TE1
5.Stator Liner Temperature Sensor
6.RTD thermowell to monitor Rotor Cavity liquid temperature Annex E.TE2
7.Instrument Junction Box
8.Secondary Containment Pressure Transmitter/switch
9.Power Monitor
10.Secondary Containment Pressure Sensor (TPS) for leak detection




Petroleum refining process, petrochemical process